Tips For Using a Handheld Endoscope Inspection Camera

With each passing day, handheld inspection cameras are becoming more and more popular throughout multiple different industries. Whether you are a plumber looking to see if group was dropped into a p-trap, an electrician looking behind walls, a mechanic inspecting engine internals or a homeowner trying to retrieve a ring dropped down a sink; a handheld inspection camera will come in handy. Thankfully, inspection cameras are becoming much more economical to purchase than they were 10 years ago.


Handheld inspection cameras come in multiple different cable lengths and cable diameters so be sure to select the one that is the correct size for your task. Remember, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to cable length either, if you only need 5ft of reach there is no need to haul around an extra 25ft of cable that you will never use.


In order to get the most out of your handheld inspection camera, be sure to follow these helpful tips:


Keep Your Camera Clean

After every use, be sure to wipe off any water, dust or debris from the camera head and the cable. Keeping your camera clean after each use will extend the life cycle of the product and protect your investment


Be Careful Around Tight Corners and Go Slow

It is often human nature to want to find the area that you want to inspect as quickly as possible. However, best practice is to operate slowly and use caution. If you force the camera around a tight corner you may end up getting the camera stuck when trying to reel in the camera at the end of the inspection. If you pull to hard to get it unstuck you may wind up ripping the camera head off completely.


Don’t Use the Camera to Push Objects

We’ve all been there, you’re short on time and you finally found the obstruction that you were looking for. Fight the urge to use the camera as a battering ram against the obstruction. Doing this may only damage your camera and might possibly make the obstruction harder to clear.


If you’re looking for a handheld inspection camera at an affordable price, be sure to checkout the American Mutt Tools Handheld Inspection Camera

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