Behind the Build: Waterproof Inspection Camera

While heavy duty industrial sewer cameras work great, they also come with a long list of negatives. They can be heavy, hard to handle, expensive and cant be used in anything other than a pipe. With these negatives in mind, our team got work creating a more user friendly solution. 
IP67 Waterproof
Our inspection camera uses a 5.5mm cable that is small enough to get into and inspect even the hardest to reach places. The semi-rigid cable effortlessly bends into and holds any shape. The camera transmits instant feedback directly to you in crisp high resolution 1080p HD video on a 4.3" IPS screen.
vent inspection camera
Our camera isn't just good at inspecting plumbing pipes, it can be used to inspect virtually anything. Use it to inspect the vents in your home, behind walls or in the hard to see areas of your boat. The handheld size of the device means you can take it with you anywhere!
Engine inspection camera
Our inspection camera lasts you 3-4 hours on the job. Once you're done, simply recharge it with any USB charger (charger cable included). We also include a 16GB memory card that stores pictures or videos that you can upload to a computer and send to clients, coworkers, family or friends.

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