Happy New Years!

With 2020 finally coming to a close, a New Year is upon us. Each New Year provides us the opportunity for a new beginning. It provides us an opportunity to improve on what we did last year and an opportunity to strive for new. If you are struggling for ideas on how or what to improve, we hope our list below provides you some inspiration.


  1. Become the on-the-job mentor that you wish you had. Take this opportunity to help train the next generation of workers the way you wish you had been trained. Be thorough; make sure your trainees understand ‘why’ it is important to do things in a specific manner.
  2. Improve your material management skills both on the job and at home. They say that 90% of performing a job efficiently is proactive material management. Take this opportunity to up your material management game both at work and for projects at home.
  3. Improve at home safety. Make sure your fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, GFCI outlets, chimneys, appliances and more are all cleaned, powered up and working properly.
  4. Become more efficient at home. Who says you need to wait until spring to become more efficient? Start lowering your electricity bill immediately by switching out incandescent bulbs in your house to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs have become increasingly affordable and come in a variety of different light temperatures.
  5. Pick up a healthy hobby. We all love watching TV or movies but it may not be the best hobby to have for our health. Try picking up a healthy hobby this year such as walking, running, rowing or weight lifting.


We hope our list provides some inspiration for resolutions both at work and at home. From all of us at American Mutt Tools; we are wishing you happy, healthy and productive 2021.



Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

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