1.5” PVC Pipe Cutter – Heavy Duty Ratcheting PVC Cutter

SKU: TH103-110


Versatile Cutting Edge: This pex pipe cutter is not just for PVC; its sharp, efficient blade also makes it an ideal rubber hose cutter, offering precise and clean cuts every time.

Efficient and Clean Cuts: Experience seamless cutting with pvc cutters ratcheting mechanism, designed for quick, clean cuts on plastic pipe cutter tasks. Ideal for up to 1.5" pipes, this tool ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Quick and Precise: The pvc pipe cutter tool stands out with its quick-release feature, adapting swiftly to various pipe sizes. As a pex cutting tool, it offers unmatched convenience and precision.

Durable and Safe: Our ratcheting pipe cutter is built for heavy-duty use. The ratcheting pvc cutter not only delivers optimal performance but also comes with a safety lock, ensuring it stays closed and damage-free when not in use.

Reliable Multi-Material Tool: This pex pipe cutting tool is your go-to for cutting PVC, CPVC, and other plastics. The cpvc cutter's robust construction and sharp blade make it an essential hose cutters tool for any job.

Country of Origin: China

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