2pc Double Jointed Pliers Set – 13" Long Needle Nose Pliers and 45 Degree Bent Nose Pliers

SKU: TH101-103


Compound pliers with double joint pliers design: These long handled pliers offer an extra long reach, ensuring you can access even the most challenging spots.

Superior grip and comfort: Dual pliers with serrated jaws for precise gripping and ergonomic long handle needle nose pliers to reduce hand fatigue.

Master tight spots: Our double jointed pliers stand out with their extra long pliers design, ensuring you can reach further and work efficiently in tight areas that standard pliers just can't access.

Sturdy and reliable: Double jointed needle nose pliers made of heavy-duty alloy steel, these long reach needle nose pliers are designed for maximum durability and performance.

Extra long nose pliers guarantee you can grasp and manipulate in constrained spaces; the long pliers needle nose design couples with needle nose pliers long reach for perfect precision. This product is made in China.

Country of Origin: China

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