Drywall Hammer Hatchet – 14 Oz Hammer for Drywall – Lath Hammer

SKU: TH109-103


Experience ultimate control and precision with our drywall hammer that features a robust hatchet for effortless scoring of drywall. Our drywall hammer hatchet is an all-in-one solution for your drywall or lath construction needs.

Tackle stubborn nails with ease using our drywall hammers that come equipped with a unique nail notch for easy prying. Experience unmatched efficiency with our drywall hatchet hammer, your perfect tool for quick and clean work.

The drywall axe tool is also great as a lath hammer. Designed with a milled striking face, ensuring each hit is effective and accurate. Turn your renovation projects into a masterpiece with this versatile and sturdy tool.

This 14 oz hammer for drywall, an ideal balance of weight and power. The martillo para drywalls one-piece forged construction assures durability, making it a long-lasting addition to your toolkit.

Don't let fatigue slow you down! Our wall board hammer is designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce strain. Protected by a lifetime warranty, this drywallers hammer is an investment in quality and comfort.

Country of Origin: China
Model Number: TH109-103

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