Double Sided Drywall Saw – 6" Drywall Jab Saw with Ergonomic Grip

SKU: TH103-108


Experience the efficiency of the drywall saw tool, a versatile jabsaw ideal for all dry wall cutting tools needs. Make every cut precise with this expert drywall saw knife.

An ideal sheetrock knife drywall for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The double sided serrucho para drywall allows easy multidirectional cutting. Say goodbye to direction adjustments with this top-tier sheet rock saw.

The pointed tip on this keyhole saw drywall makes plunge cuts effortless. This sheetrock saw drywall is also perfect for jab saw wood tasks, doubling as a robust drywall keyhole saw.

A must-have wallboard saw with a sturdy 6” jab saw blade, this tool ensures clean cuts every time. Be it for major renovations or minor fixes, this dry wall cutter is the drywall hand saw to trust.

No more struggling with dull drywall knifes. Use the sharp sheet rock knife and its potent keyhole saw blade. Experience the difference with this exceptional drywall cutting saw on your projects.

Country of Origin: China
Model Number: TH103-108

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