Brick Hammer – 20oz Masonry Hammer with Ergonomic Handle – Stone Mason Hammer

SKU: TH109-105


Bricklayer's Choice: Our bricklayer hammer is designed for precision and durability. The hammer block feature ensures robust impact, making it a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Stone Mason's Companion: This stone mason hammer is an essential addition to your masonry tools for brick projects. Its 20oz head offers the perfect balance for efficient striking and control.

For Construction Professionals: The piqueta martillo para ladrillo features an ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue, making it ideal for long workdays in masonry.

Superior Block Laying Tool: Elevate your craftsmanship with our masonry tools for block laying. This mason's hammer boasts heavy-duty forged construction, ensuring longevity and reliability on every job.

Lifetime Reliability: Invest in a quality brick hammer that lasts a lifetime. Our masonry hammer comes with a lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind and exceptional value for all your construction needs.

Country of Origin: China

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