10" Mini Hacksaw for Metal – Compact Hack Saw with Bimetal Blade

SKU: TH103-107


Metal hacksaw redefined: Our bolt saw is the ultimate hand saw for metal cutting; a screw saw that’s essential for any toolkit, designed with an ergonomic handle for fatigue reduction.

A versatile small hack saw ideal for intricate work, this small metal saw transforms the way you work. As an adaptable hand hacksaw, it's the perfect mini handsaw for cutting through aluminum with precision.

Precision with every cut: This mini hacksaw for metal features an advanced hacksaw frame, complete with an adjustable blade length and a resilient hacksaw metal cutting blade, ensuring accuracy even in tight spaces.

Comfort meets efficiency in our hacksaw handle design. Whether you’re using it as a junior hacksaw or compact hacksaw, this compact hand saw excels in both comfort and performance, suitable for metals and PVC.

Our saw blade handle integrates seamlessly with the included bimetal blade, making this fine tooth hacksaw both durable and flexible. The hacksaw blade handle is designed for quick changes, enhancing this hack saw small's convenience.

Country of Origin: China
Model Number: TH103-107

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