PEX Cutter – 1/8” to 1” PEX Cutting Tool

SKU: TH103-109


Precision and Versatility: Our pex cutting tool is expertly designed to double as an air line cutter tool, offering sharp blades for precise cuts every time. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Effortless and Clean Cuts: Engineered for excellence, these tubing cutters ensure burr-free cuts, making them perfect hose cutters and pex cutters. Enjoy smooth, clean cuts with every use.

Robust and Reliable: This airline cutter, also functioning as a poly pipe cutter, boasts a heavy-duty durable design. Its locking mechanism guarantees safety, ensuring the blade stays closed when not in use.

User-Friendly and Safe: Our pex tubing cutter, which also works as a plastic tube cutter, is designed for ease of use. Its ergonomic handle and efficient mechanism make cutting up to 1 inch pipes a breeze.

Compact and Convenient: The air hose cutter tool is a must-have for any toolkit. As a flexible tube cutter, it's compact, easy to store, and perfect for on-the-go cutting tasks.

Country of Origin: China

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