Pinless Moisture Meter | Non-Destructive Wood Moisture Meter for Walls, Drywall, Wood and Masonry

SKU: TH102-101


Take your woodworking to the next level with our moisture meter for lumber! This professional moisture meter features a high contrast easy-to-read display, making it easy to get accurate readings on all types of wood, including hardwoods.

Ensure your firewood is ready to burn with our wood moisture meter firewood tester! This wood moisture reader is the perfect tool for testing the moisture content of your firewood, ensuring that it's dry and ready to go within +/- 4% accuracy.

Say goodbye to pin marks with our pinless moisture tester for walls! This drywall moisture meter pinless design makes it easy to get accurate readings on drywall, masonry, and other materials without causing any damage. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Protect your home from water damage with our wall water leak detector! This moisture detector for water damage is perfect for detecting leaks in walls. The visual and audible alerts make it easy to identify issues before they become a major problem.

Keep your hardwood floors in top condition with our digital moisture meter for wood! This hardwood floor moisture meter is perfect for detecting moisture in hardwood, ensuring that your floors stay in excellent condition for years to come. This meter is made in China.

Country of Origin: China
Model Number: TH102-101

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