Welding Chipping Hammer – 14 oz Welding Hammer Chipping Slag

SKU: TH109-102


Power through any job with our premium slag hammer welding tool. Its prime function is to efficiently remove slag and spatter from all welds, making it the perfect partner for any chipping hammer welding project.

Say goodbye to discomfort! Our welding chipping hammer boasts an ergonomic handle design, significantly reducing fatigue during use. This makes it one of the most user-friendly welding hammers available in the market today.

Enjoy superior convenience with our welders chipping hammer. The lightweight construction reduces arm fatigue, making it the go-to welding hammer for professionals and beginners alike.

We're serious about durability. Crafted with forged construction, our slag hammer is designed to last. So whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned professional, this welders hammer is your dependable ally for every project.

With a lifetime warranty, our welding hammer chipping slag is a worry-free investment. This slag hammer welding tool is an investment that's built to last.

Country of Origin: China
Model Number: TH109-102

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